Xcell-CENTER (Cologne & Dusseldorf, Germany) Autologous Stem Cell Therapy

This is the recent report of the Safety profile of patients (n-870) who underwent autologous stem cell transplantation at the Xcell-Center.

Autologouy Bone Marrow derived-Stem cells have been utilized to treat conditions like stroke and spinal cord injury and many other medical disorders. Although the functional recovery after stem cell therapy is satisfactory, the exact underlying mechanisms are still to be investigated.

Many questions need to be answered, like:

How do these cells integrate into the host tissue??
If they do integrate, are they able to attain the physiological functions for normal programming of those cells, tissue or organ???
Factors responsible for the survival and migration of these stem cells after delivered through lumbar puncture???

Standardisation of cell number, route of administration, pathogen-free cell lysate, how often can you administer them, cost-effectiveness......these and many many more parameters need to be considered.

Xcell Center is one such center which has attained the license to provide SC therapy in various medical disorders. Plans for clinical trials in Stroke and Spinal Cord Injury are underway.

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we have not heard about these exciting research for a long time,
Dr. Nagesh,
I have plans to go to X-Cell Center in the fall 2010. Thank you posing these questions. I am anxious to get some positive results and feedback from this therapy.
Hello Cynthia
Keep me updated with your experiences and results of the treatments at the X-Cell center. Also your opinion on the same.

With regards



I can't say that I saw monumental results after the stem cell treatment at X-cell center in Dusseldorf.  The staff is very kind and professional.  It's been five months since the procedure that was performed on my child.  Reading seemed to improve but like I said nothing extraordinary as I hoped.  My next plan is to see Dr. Amen for a scan.  I have an appointment this summer.  I may get some answers (toxins in the brain, lack of oxygen at birth, etc).  Always searching, I've tried many things and every little thing I've done has shown some improvement.  

Hello, Im desperately of need of more evidence based data
My father has essential tremor and if the evidence shows as significantly  positive with a low risk benefit ratio then 
I would say this may be my door to knock
As of yet there hasnt seemed to be any significantly positive data
If one can see statisticaly signicant changes in tremor frequency or progression.im interested and 
25000 is peanuts to good functionality.
Do keep us informed
It sounds great if you are going to help patients with spinal cord injury by SC therapy


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