I'm thinking that the NeuroNetwork (NN) will be an excellent resource for the OCNS community. Perhaps it could be used to disseminate information, to connect with colleagues either for collaborative or social purposes, to make announcements, etc. Please post your thoughts and creative ideas about how NN in general, and the OCNS group on NN in particular, can best serve you as a member of the Computational Neuroscience community.

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I think on one hand we should make this the platform to be used in conjunction with the conferences, for example starting a thread on room sharing etc. at the appropriate times.

On the other hand I would suggest to think of some regular "content features", so that people stay interested in coming back here. The most obvious way is to start interesting discussions - as has already be done.

I agree.

One thread for figuring out conference-related aspects (room sharing, who's going and when and how to socialize and coordinate etc.).

Then, another thread would be to "content features" regarding OCNS. One discussion that would be good to start is to get ideas from the wider community of what OCNS can do for the Computational Neuroscience community. Various ideas have been put forth (such as reaching out to other geographical communities). One idea that was expressed to me a couple of years ago was the idea of an OCNS/Computational Neuroscience newsletter that could include for example, recent and interesting papers, opinion pieces, OCNS news etc. I think that this is a good idea. However, now I'm thinking that maybe this is best be done online as I see the many things popping up here on NN. Of course, everything requires input and participation.... Just putting this out there for people to comment on.
What do people think?

Otherwise, we should encourage people to join OCNS as "Friends of OCNS" (someone had mentioned that there was an expressed need for this - after all, there are many "friends" out there with the meeting going strong after 20 years), so they can know what's happening with OCNS (it's growing and very active as things get further organized!).
Perhaps OCNS board/exec could post a note when there are updates on the webpage so people can check it out?

Take care,
People might comment what poster will visit or what questions will plan to have so the person who presents the poster can prepare the visit


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