Hardware traditionally used for capturing brain activity, especially EEG - which is most popular BCI technique for today - is very cumbersome. BCI systems based on such hardware may satisfy the disabled, but if we want to be successfull in entertaiment & games industry, those devices are unacceptable.

Because of this a lot of companies like NeuroSky developed "head-ready" devices that can be just weared-on and played-with, but these devices cannot yet compete with traditional systems for EEG recording: they usually rely only on a very few forehead sensors, which mean brain signals registered by these devices are very artifacted and do not provide as much info as signals captured from the whole head would.

I found one interesting device which is a "head-ready" helmet with sensors located on head area, and researches who developed it successfully used it to navigate a car. You can watch demo on YouTube:

19.08.2009 Update!
We have a new member in our group Aureli Soria-Frisch who works in Starlab. They developed a dry, wireless EEG system Enobio. It also employs only forehead sensors, but looks much more professional than similar products.
(this is not an advertisiment - I want to collect info about good BCI hardware in this topic!)

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Actually we are about starting a project for integrating ENOBIO in a BCI open plattform.
What about software,
Will you use existing open source solutions for BCI / EEG signal processing like OpenVibe or you are going to develop something new?
Actually new development but using existent software parts. Result will be open source as well.
You can get more information on the project web site:

how can i get a dual channel hardware for bci i.e open eeg modular
This is such a great group. I'm learning so much about BCI. Thanks, Alexandra!
If you want to be updated on ENOBIO research and further development you can join the ENOBIO forum at: http://enobio.starlab.es/

Is Enobio the best non invasive BCI available:


Do you guys know of a comprehensive review of emotiv vs. enobio vs neurosky vs nia?


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