HIVE Workshop Berlin 2012 on Brain Stimulation: Call for Abstracts (deadline close)

Hyper-Interaction Viability Experiments Workshop

Could computers someday interact directly with the human brain? This is the motto of the HIVE project. The goal of the workshop is to present research toward developing a new generation of powerful and controllable non-invasive brain stimulation technologies.

We hereby invite contributions to this second public HIVE workshop,  to be hold in Berlin on April 27-28th, 2012. Submission deadline for Abstracts is 11th March.

Contributions must be of a high scientific level, and typically would describe, attempt to understand, or engineer brain stimulation phenomena as well as clinical applications. Submission page instructions are here.

Researchers with new results working in any the following research areas are encouraged to submit abstracts:

  • Biophysical models of current flow in the brain
  • Neuron-current interaction models
  • Inverse modeling of neural activity
  • Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) for communication
  • tDCS, tACS, TMS experimental results
  • Neurofeedback and neuromodulation
  • Real-time EEG monitoring
  • EEG-fMRI relationships
  • Brain stimulation for therapy (sleep, improved consciousness)
  • New technologies (hardware, software, algorithms) for hyper-interation or CBI

Submitted papers will be rated by the scientific committee on quality and relevance to the goals of HIVE. The best papers will be awarded with an oral presentation, and the remaining papers may be presented as posters and will be discussed during breaks or at the end of the day. We look forward to an exciting conference with most stimulating discussions.  Best abstracts and presentations will be selected for publication in a Special Issue of the journal "Physiological Measurement".

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HIVE Workshop Berlin 2012 on Brain Stimulation: Call for Abstracts (extended deadline)

Hyper-Interaction Viability Experiments Workshop

Deadline has been extended to the 18th March.


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