Stimulating neuroregeneration as a therapeutic drug approach for traumatic brain injury

We need to be in a position to develop new strategies for the development of regeneration-promoting therapeutics which will help to overcome the silent epidemic of TBI.

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Should therapeutics include pharma only? Or should other approaches also be considered? Pharma implies you'll need insurance coverage, which can be difficult enough to navigate w/ TBI. Based on what I've seen and experienced, the benefits of drug therapies may be enjoyed by a select few, while others who are unable to access them for one reason or another, will continue to struggle in the dark. Alone. Ongoing research is taking place, I believe, with regard to mindfulness and meditation training. And it's picking up speed in more circles than TBI alone, which is encouraging. The costs associated (after initial training) are more effort-based, rather than $$$. Which certainly helps.


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