basically iam an computerscience student. i had a little knowledge in brain computer interface concept. can any one help me to learn alot about that concept

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hi can u help me .how can i do MS in this area. becaze basically iam an computer science i eligible to do my ms in this area
Absolutely. I imagine this area needs people from computer science, neuroscience, biology, engineering, etc. Whether you have the necessary background for an MS will depend on the university and the program. Surely there must be some out there where you will fit. My suggestion is to look for researchers doing the type of research you are interested in and check out the programs at their universities.
yea , thanks really a lot........
actually i am a rural student .can u help me that how can i approach those researchers. and can u tell me which universities were doing this kind of research.

There is a basic book called "From Computer to Brain" written by Lytton that I think might answer your questions in the area between computer science and the brain.

thanks for ur replay.....
mam, whats the main difference between soul and brain?
mam, whats the main difference between soul and brain?


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