I am an undergraduate who aspires to become a clinical neuropsychologist.

What about everyone else?

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I have nearly always been interested in neuroscience since 1980 as a medical student and later since 2004 as
a scientific journalist on my 6 websites which is linked together see (www.biolarillness.dk). I nearly passed all the examinations on the medical study at the Univeristy of Aarhus Denmark, but had to stop the studies because of bipolar disorder, which to day has burned out 54 years old. I both whrite scientific papers on my websites and also popularscience. Since 1980 I have been intersted in neurobiology of bipolar disorder and since 1989 also in
the "brain psyche problem" scientifically. I intend to study mathematics by distance of an university in Scandinavia,
beause of my interest in biophysics, mainly neural network and complex systems, but will continue my interest in "brain psyche problem". So it seems that I continue as a scientific journalist for the rest of my life
May i know about any online PhD in neuroscience program. I am working as Gamma knife Neurosurgeon in Kuwait. thanks
Dr Aftab Khan MD, MS, FACS
I'm not sure. I have my Bachelor's in biological psychology. I am currently looking for Master's programs in Neuroscience...
I suggest rather than looking for programs, try looking for researchers doing the research you are interested in, then go wherever they are.

I just received my Bachelor's in information technology and want to continue my education in the field of neuroscience and brain-computer interfaces.
Hello, Alexandra!
You are of course welcome in my group "brain psyche problem" again. But the porpose of my group is not to discuss often hopeless discussions about consciousness. As I write in the introduction play
brain scan/imgaging the most important role in verifying brain theories. General discussions of consciousness is not my field of the brain-psyche-problem. But anyway - become a member of my group.
best Bo
I'm a psych undergrad, and I'm fascinated by evolutionary psychology. My goal is to be a researcher in the field.
As an undergrad Osteopath, it is what I can feel neurally through cranial treatment, and what the patient can feel that leads me to believe that there is more to this, and that somehow the results can be proven.
I am doing my masters in life sciences and am working towards getting into research in neuroscience.
I'm currently a PhD student in neuroscience and recently received a MSc in nutrition. My research interests are in nutritional neuroscience, or, how the nutrients we consume affect our brain chemistry, mood and behavior. For example, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids can act as antidepressants.

I have been a TA before and love to teach. I imagine I will end up at a university teaching and doing research.
Journo/writer and NeuroGeek.

I took up neuroscience at undergrad initially as a way to get into Med School. Currently I am doing a masters in neuroscience research at The University of Melbourne. For me, neuroscience isn't really a destination/goal to "get somewhere" (job wise), more really for my own benefit - I love people, I love asking questions about people, and I love the 3 pound thing sitting in our heads responsible for every action, feeling, emotion, experience that dictates our lives. For me, the study of this "creature" (the brain) is really a journey of self realisation/identification. My real passion lies in creation (design, art, music, knowledge), and communication (journalism).
My Bachelor's is in Physics, I'm designing my Master's degree as an interdisciplinary degree (electrical engineering + neurobiology + non-linear systems) in theoretical neuroscience.

Not sure exactly what direction I want to go. I suppose I'm interested in a holistic brain theory.


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