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  • H E A D A C H E

    6 members Latest Activity: Nov 12, 2011 This is a group for those interested in headache and head pain to interact and update information


    2 members Latest Activity: Nov 12, 2011 Department of Neurosurgery Lahore General Hospital Lahore /PGMI, Pakistan.

  • Hallucinations

    16 members Latest Activity: Apr 11, 2014 What hallucinations reveal about our brain functioning. * Charles Bonnett syndrome * migraine aura * schizophrenics hallucinations *…

  • epilepsy genetics

    4 members Latest Activity: Jan 23, 2013

  • Neurointerventional

    39 members Latest Activity: Jul 19, 2012 A forum dedicated to sharing knowledge on cerebrovascular pathologies and their traetment. Neurovascular specialists including interventional…

  • Machine Learning

    33 members Latest Activity: Apr 11, 2014 This group is for scientists who are working on Machine Learning, and are trying to mimic some of the human capabilities on machine and computer…

  • Neural Masses & Mean Fields

    30 members Latest Activity: Oct 31, 2013 This group focuses on modeling the activity of neural masses, rather than of individual neurons. Of particular interest are "mean field" type of…

  • Neurosurgery

    80 members Latest Activity: May 10, 2014 A forum to discuss the surgical application of basic neuroscience! Here, we discuss everything related to research, academic and clinical…

  • Brain-machine interfaces

    134 members Latest Activity: Mar 24

    Bridging the gap between human and machine minds. Post latest research, news and events in the field of BMI. Join us to…

  • Cavernoma Alliance UK

    5 members Latest Activity: Apr 2, 2011 Cavernoma Alliance UK is a charity created by people affected by cavernous angioma otherwise known as cerebral cavernous malformations or cavernomas.

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