Here are some basic codes that you can use when modifying your pages. Not all text boxes require or accept HTML; try using your menu bar before resorting to these codes.
  • To create bolded text:
    <b>your bolded text</b>
    = your bolded text
  • To create italicized text:
    <i>your italicized text</i>
    = your italicized text
  • To create a clickable email address:
    If there is a "Create Link" icon:

    As a URL enter ""
    If there is no "Create Link" icon:
    <a href=""></a>
  • To embed a link:
    If there is no "Create Link" icon:
    <a href="" target="">National Institutes of Health</a>
    = National Institutes of Health
    To open in a new tab:
    <a href="" target="_tab">National Institutes of Health</a>
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