Irawan Satriotomo
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  • Madison, WI
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Irawan Satriotomo's Page

Profile Information

Main areas of research:
Neuronal-glial signaling mechanisms
Stem-cell application for neurodegenerative diseases
Neurodegenerative diseases: stroke, spinal cord injury, ALS, MS, Alzheimer, etc.
Astrocytes, microglial, cell death program
Gene therapy
Current affiliation/employer:
University of Wisconsin
Prof. Yoshiki Takeuchi, Kagawa University, JAPAN
Prof. Yoshihiro Fukui, Tokushima University, JAPAN
Assoc. Prof. Raghu Vemuganti, University of Wisconsin
PhD Advisor and University:
Prof. Yoshiki Takeuchi, Kagawa University, JAPAN
Postdoc Advisor and University:
Assoc. Prof. Raghu Vemuganti and Prof. Gordon S. Mitchell, University of Wisconsin- Madison, USA
Personal or laboratory homepage:
1. Satriotomo I., Miki T., Itoh M., Xie Q., Ameno K., Takeuchi Y. (1999) Effect of short-term ethanol exposure on the suprachiasmatic nucleus of hypothalamus: immunohistochemical study in mice. Brain Res., 847:1 124-9.
2. Satriotomo I., Miki T., Itoh M. , Ameno K., Ijiri I., Takeuchi Y. (2000) Short term ethanol exposure alters calbindin D28k and glial fibrillary acidic protein immunoreactivity in hippocampus of mice. Brain Res., 879: 55-64.
3. Jacquin T. D., Xie Q., Miki T., Satriotomo I., Itoh M., Takeuchi Y. (2000) Prenatal X-irradiation increases GFAP- and calbindin D28k-immunoreactivity in the medial subdivision of the nucleus of solitary tract in the rat. J Autonom Nerv Sys., 80:1-2:8-13.
4. Kaneto T., Xie, Q. Itoh, M., Sakurai T., Satriotomo I., Takeuchi Y. (2000) The effects of prenatal X-irradiation on hypoglossal nucleus: A GFAP immunohistochemical study. Okajima Folia Anat Jpn. 77: 181-188.
5. Satriotomo I., Miki T., Takeuchi Y. (2001) Subvisual system of Wistar rat, Neural tracers study with wheat germ agglutinin conjugated to horseradish peroxidase (WGA-HRP). Medika, 3: 24-30.
6. Li H.P., Miki T., Gu H., Satriotomo I., Mastumoto Y., Kuma H., Gonzalez D., Bedi K.S., Suwaki H., Takeuchi Y. (2002) The effect of the timing of prenatal X-irradiation on Purkinje cell numbers in rat cerebellum. Dev. Brain Res., 139: 159-166.
7. Sakurai T., Miki T, Li HP, Miyatake A., Satriotomo I., Takeuchi Y. (2003) Colocalization of taurine and glial fibrillary acidic protein immunoreactivity in mouse hippocampus induced by short-term ethanol exposure. Brain Res. 959:160-164.
8. Satriotomo I., Miki, T., Gonzales D., Matsumoto Y., Li H.P., Gu H., Takeuchi Y. (2004) Excessive testosterone treatment and castration induce reactive astrocytes and fos immunoreactivity in suprachiasmatic nucleus of mice. Brain Res. 1020:130-139.
9. Takeuchi Y., Xie Q., Miki T., Matsumoto Y., Satriotomo I., Li HP, Gu H. (2004) Parabrachial inputs to Fos-immunoreactive neurons in the lateral central nucleus of amygdale activated by hypotension: a light and electron microscopic study in the rat. Brain Res. Bull. 64:171-180.
10. Kuma H., Miki T., Matsumoto Y., Gu H., Li H.P., Kusaka T., Satriotomo I., Okamoto H., Yokoyama T., Bedi K.S., Onishi S., Suwaki H., Takeuchi Y. (2004) Early maternal deprivation induces alterations in brain-derived neurotrophic factor expression in the developing rat hippocampus. Neurosci Lett. 372:68-73.
11. Gonzales D., Satriotomo I., Miki T., Lee K.Y., Yokoyama T., Touge T., Matsumoto Y., Li H.P., Kuriyama S., Takeuchi Y. (2005) Effects of Monocular enucleation on calbindin-D 28k and c-Fos expression in the lateral geniculate nucleus in rats. Okajimas Folia Anat Jpn. 82:9-18.
12. Miki T, Satriotomo I, Li HP, Matsumoto Y, Gu H, Yokoyama T, Lee KY, Bedi KS, Takeuchi Y (2005) Application of the physical dissector to the central nervous system: estimation of the total number of neurons in subdivisions of the rat hippocampus, Anat. Sci. Int., 80 (3), 153-62.
13. Gonzalez D, Satriotomo I, Miki T, Lee KY, Yokoyama T, Touge T, Matsumoto Y, Li HP, Kuriyama S, Takeuchi Y. (2006) Changes of parvalbumin immunoreactive neurons and GFAP immunoreactive astrocytes in the rat lateral geniculate nucleus following monocular enucleation. Neurosci Lett. 395: 149-54.
14. Okamoto H, Miki T, Lee KY, Yokoyama T, Kuma H, Wang ZY, Gu H, Li HP, Matsumoto Y, Satriotomo I, Bedi KS, Nakamura Y, Takeuchi Y (2006) Oligodendrocyte myelin glycoprotein (OMgp) in rat hippocampus is depleted by chronic ethanol consumption. Neurosci Lett., 406, 76-80.
15. Satriotomo I, Bowen KK, Vemuganti R (2006) JAK2 and STAT3 activation contributes to neuronal damage following transient focal cerebral ischemia, J. Neurochem., 98 (5), 1353-68.
16. Lovett-Barr, Mitchell GS. Satriotomo I, Johnson SM. (2006) Serotonin-induced in vitro long-term facilitation exhibits differential pattern sensitivity in cervical and thoracic inspiratory motor output. Neuroscience, 142, 885-892.
17. Dombourian MG, Turner NA, Gerovac TA, Vemuganti R, Miranpuri GS, Tureyen K, Satriotomo I, Miletic V, Resnick DK. (2006) B1 and TRPV-1 Receptor Genes and Their Relationship to Hyperalgesia Following Spinal Cord Injury. Spine. 31, 2778-2782
18. Park SW, Yi JH, Miranpuri G, Satriotomo I, Bowen K, Resnick DK, Vemuganti (2006) Thiazolidinedione Class of PPAR{gamma} Agonists Prevent Neuronal Damage, Motor Dysfunction, Myelin loss, Neuropathic Pain and Inflammation Following Spinal Cord Injury in Adult Rats. J. Pharmacol. Exp. Ther. 320: 1002-12
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20. Park SW., Yan YP., Satriotomo I., Vemuganti R., Dempsey RJ (2007) Substance P is a promoter of adult neural progenitor cell proliferation under normal and ischemic conditions. J Neurosurg.. 107:593-9.
21. Golder F., Ranganathan L., Satriotomo I., Hoffman M., Lovett-Barr MR, Watters JJ, Baker-Herman TL, Mitchell G.S. (2008) Spinal adenosine A2a
 receptor-activation elicits long-lasting phrenic motor facilitation. J. Neurosci. 28: 2033-42.
22. Wilkerson J, Satriotomo I, Watters JJ, Baker-Herman TL, Mitchell G.S (2008) Okadaic acid-sensitive protein phosphatases constrain phrenic long-term facilitation following sustained hypoxia. J. Neurosci. 28: 2949-58.
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24. Dale-nagle EA, Hoffman MS, Macfarlane PM, Satriotomo I, Lovett-Barr MR, Vinit S, Mitchell GS (2010) Spinal plasticity following intermittent hypoxia: implication for spinal injury. Ann N Y Acad Sci 198:252-9.

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At 12:24pm on November 20, 2011, Giorgio De martino said…

Dear Irawan...Mmmmhhh: forgetting, as I participate also to a research group on education in Japan and China (I have also a M.A. in Edu Sciences) the connection with Asia is quite deep, see here - - as I will try to go deeper on the problem about "educational neurosciences" also...

At 12:15pm on November 20, 2011, Giorgio De martino said…

Hello Irawan, thanks and ...sorry...quite late answer, but veeeery busy and also, here in Paris, apart from the interesting "Foire aux Vins", some bad days with cold weather, so a week in bed with flu...Well: shortly about me...trying to build some hypothesis between "neurosciences and theatre"...and Asia, as well, obviously. Between 2009 and 2010 I have spent many months in Kerala, India, to have a look at a trance-possession performance, and may be some cognitive aspects of all this. In the meantime searching (in Paris, neuro and cognitive sciences, also robotics) on newborns and related walk-like activities (I have a backgroud as a pro dancer also...maaaaaaaaany years ago, and a B.A. in dance at Paris 8 also). Last but not least I have also a background on MTC, so see here: - Keep-in-touch!

At 7:15pm on August 3, 2011, Oliver Carter said…

Oops...  I may have opened my e-mails in the wrong order.  Yes, I will share what I know, little by little.  In September, I do plan on going to the Neuroscience of Mind convention sponsored mostly by the Japan Neuroscience Society, to be held in Yokohama.  I may have a little more information on the number of non-Japanese, and non-European/American/Australian based presenters and visitors.  (although some do consider Australia to be Asian...I am no convinced of the value of such interpretation; and to make clear, I moved here from the USA, and am European linage.)


I will post when I can, and look forward to learning and sharing !!  THANKS !! 



At 7:10pm on August 3, 2011, Oliver Carter said…

Thank you, Irawan Satriotomo, it is my pleasure to have the opportunity to get to know you, and of the work that you are doing, your views, and experiences.  I look forward to many enlightening, and challenge discussions, and exchanges.  


With gratitude, from the heart of Japan.


At 1:14am on July 21, 2011, Indra Tri Mahayana said…
Thank you for your invitation. cheers
At 12:54am on April 5, 2011, Dr. Prem Chand said…


how are you?

May I know about your current position and your work?

At 7:38am on March 20, 2011, Professor Jafri Malin Abdullah said…

Welcome to our group.DrJafri



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