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Did you know...

... that we have over 1000 members from over 70 different countries?

Take a look at our homepage to see a map of our members.

What are they interested in? Courtesy of, here is a word cloud of their interests:

NeuroNetwork on… Continue

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Optimizing SfN Poster Design Using Eye Tracking Software

For those preparing a poster presentation for this years' SfN, have a look at the following post I prepared from SfN 2008:

I wonder if the vendor will incorporate this as a demo at this years' conference?

- Mike

Added by Mike Pascoe on August 25, 2009 at 1:00pm — 1 Comment

Live Bloggers, SfN and beyond

Bravely stepping up to the plate, our first live blogger will be Michael Pascoe, who will be posting from the upcoming Society for Neuroscience meeting. Check out his profile to find out what he'll be covering (and what poster he'll be presenting!) There will be plenty to report, so please do contact us if you're interested in covering the meeting as well.

Of course, no one can attend every scientific… Continue

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Coverage of SfN 2009 Chicago

This October (16-21) I will be attending my 3rd Society for Neuroscience Meeting. The previous two meetings (2006 Atlanta, 2008 Washington DC) were excellent experiences and I am very much looking forward to Chicago.

My primary goal this year will be to network with lab PIs and identify a short list of labs I would like to post-doc in. I have a poster presentation on Sunday, Oct 18 from 8am-12pm, which is always a good opportunity to discuss my research with some of the best and… Continue

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Interview with Charles Legéndy

Welcome to the inaugural post of our interview series. We are starting off the series with an interview with Dr. Charles Legéndy, a scientist whose research and career we thought would be particularly interesting to our members. We asked him to discuss his beginnings in neuroscience, his perspective on the future of the field, and give advice for researchers starting their careers today. Our sincere thanks to… Continue

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Twisting the Truth?

While nominally outside the scope of this site, the hubbub over a recent Time article on exercise and weight loss is, I think, an interesting example of the alleged inaccuracies and misrepresentations often found in science journalism. For those who did not read the original article, you may find it here, from August 9 -- "Why Exercise Won't Make You… Continue

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Once more, with feeling...

We're thrilled to see so many new members on our site this week, and so many new groups. We are grateful to everyone who has contributed to the site -- just creating and completing a profile makes this network more useful to everyone involved.

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, we'd like to encourage you to keep building and adding content, and have some giveaways for those of you who do so in the most useful and effective ways.

The first 100 people who can either:

•… Continue

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Defining your Scientific Genealogy

Thanks to some excellent feedback from Risa Lin of Georgia Tech and Nathan Schultheiss of Emory University, we have updated our profile questions to include information on PhD and Postdoc advisors and university location. By defining these, we hope to begin the construction of a research genealogy of and for our members. In the mean time, we want to highlight the excellent NeuroTree, which provides a dynamic visualization of these… Continue

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Welcome to The NeuroNetwork!

For those of you just joining us, welcome to the first professional online community for those working and studying the brain. If you like what you see, please pass it on! The NeuroNetwork depends upon you, the user, to help modify, develop, and perfect it to serve the community better.

Start discussions, add meetings and links to your recent work, or just read and comment on what others have posted. If you're a professor, pass this on to your students -- they may find it to be a… Continue

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Interviews with researchers

Starting next week, we will be expanding our original content with interviews with established researchers, and those whose body of work (or life, in general) we find particularly interesting. If you have a suggestion for someone you'd like to see interviewed, please let us know. When we have an interview lined up, we will also solicit questions from our readers.

Until then, check out these wonderful… Continue

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Mapping Research

Ever wondered who has published the most research on a certain subject? Ever wished you could map not only who published those studies, but at what institution they were based, in what years the studies were published, and in what journals... even what keywords are most associated with those studies? is a free tool that was developed by some of my colleagues to provide a dynamic way to visualize and search… Continue

Added by Ann Avouris on August 5, 2009 at 12:04pm — 1 Comment

Neuroscience Peer Review Consortium

Launched over a year ago, the Neuroscience Peer Review Consortium (NPRC) is an alliance of neuroscience journals that have agreed to accept manuscript reviews from other members of the Consortium. Its goals are to support efficient and thorough peer review of original research in neuroscience, speed the publication of research reports, and reduce the burden on peer reviewers.

We've enjoyed being a participating publisher in the… Continue

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Modeling Migraine: From Nonlinear Dynamics to Clinical Neurology

The title "Modeling Migraine: From Nonlinear Dynamics to Clinical

Neurology" refers to a recent international workshop in Berlin 2009,

which was part of the eighteenth annual Computational Neuroscience

Meeting CNS*2009.

A complete list of speakers etc. is found on the official workshop web site.

We will have another meeting in Bari 2010, and than continue maybe

every second… Continue

Added by Markus A. Dahlem on August 1, 2009 at 3:38am — No Comments

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