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Brain-based evidence for multiple intelligences?

Is there any brain-based evidence for the theory of multiple intelligences? From my viewpoint, the answer seems clear: Yes….and no. (Germans have a nice colloquialism for this in ‘jein’, pronounced yine.)

The theory of multiple intelligences was originally proposed by… Continue

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Physical consciousness?

This guest blog was written by Christian Stevens, a graduate student in the philosophy department at the University of Guelph. His work is in the area of Epistemology and Philosophy of Mind.

We are physical beings in a physical world. This is the thesis of physicalism, the view that reality is made up of one kind of ‘stuff,’ and that stuff is…


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The aversive brain


The ability to detect and respond appropriately to aversive things or events in our environment is essential for all organisms, from fruit flies to humans. Although much is known about aversive responding at the psychological level (e.g. displays of fear, disgust) and at the physiological level (e.g. increased heart rate, changes in electrical skin conductance), much less is…


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Is it time for a conceptual revolution in neuroscience?


A recent article by Russell Poldrack and colleagues begins with an apt quote from Rutherford D. Rogers, the former Yale University Librarian:

“We’re drowning in information and starving for knowledge”


They chose this quote to… Continue

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Mass Casualty Management

Mass Casualty Management

 Dr.Anil Haripriya



A disaster comprises a sudden massive disproportion between hostile elements of any kind and the survival resources that are available to counterbalance these in the shortest period of time. Disaster is a calamity or a sudden misfortune. Accoring to Colin Grant…


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Gene pool

The qualities I was born with do not necessarily come from my parents ..it turns out that they could not have been ‘genetically engineered’ with much success either..not that anybody would want to try. No, life in the womb is way too volatile for that. Scientists - reporting in the journal of Nature - say they have found genes that can introduce random variation during embryonic development of the nervous system ..causing deviations from the genetic blueprint…


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