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A visit to Israel in 2009, Let us pray for world peace!

A group of us went for a trauma course at Rambag Hospital in Haifa. We travelled to most of cities in Israel. From haifa border of Lebanon is not for off. In times of conflict let us all pray for world… Continue

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No these are not burr holes, these are 1.5 cm trephines.

This patient has been positioned in sitting position, 2 small trphines have been made on either side of midline in preparation for craniotomy for approacing posterior 3rd ventricular tumour by supracerebellar approach. You can see the transverse sinus on either side.

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Largest MCA aneurysm

What wil you do to this patient who presented with mass effect?

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Compensated hydrocephalus having bilateral subdural collections after right ventriculoperitoneal shunt

The subdural collections resolved after shunt was ligated

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Disposable stereotaxy for whole body

I am going to change the way pathology is going to be reported in imaging. The imaging specialist will not only report on CT or MRI films but will also suggest the way to approach it and do a surface marking, all for a very low cost. No patient will need to wear a frame.
This will not only help in biopsies, abscess drainage, it will allow us to deliver intratumoural chemotherapy and will also help in focussind radiation beams etc.
Come and work with me!

Added by Karam Chand Sharma on December 27, 2009 at 2:58am — 1 Comment

spectacle Trephines

A 40 years old male was operated by rt subfrontal approach for large pituitary adenoma. Postop he developed rt temporal venous infarct with mass effect. Same night rt temporal trephine was made and pulped temporal tip removed. S

ubsequently he made wonderful recovery. His vision is normal.

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Closed drainage for liquid subdural collections

Closed drainage of liquid chronic subdural collection with help of tangential drill hole and passing a no 10 Foley's sterile catheter and connecting it to sterile bag is the minimal costing and minimal invasive surgery . This procedure has been invented by author of this blog. Remember drill hole is tangential having an acut angle and not a 90 degree drill hole. Since catheter follows direction of drill hole… Continue

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Can modern day gadgets help combat prejudice?

Prejudice...we've all experienced it at one point or another. Defined as a preconceived belief, opinion, or judgment toward a group or person because of race, social class, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc., it also means a priori beliefs that include any unreasonable attitude that is unusually resistant to rational influence. It's been the cause of countless… Continue

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3 cm trephine craniotomy( with Karam Chand trephine having dura guard) for Acoustic tumour

Yet again I shall operate on a young man with acoustic tumour by making 3 cm trephine of mine. It is a very ideal thing and no bone drilling is needed. Pt shall be operated in lateral position using high end microscope.
I guarantee I will do better surgery than rest of neurosurgeons in world.
Come and join me!

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Unnecessary MRIs

Daily I encounter patients who carry a heavy bag containing CT scans and MRI films. It really has become scandlous. A tumour well seen on CT scan can be operated based on that finding only. Consider this people do not have money for clothes and eating and yet they are asked to get these tests repeatedly.

After getting MRI all some doctors do is refer the patient..

Let me remind you a brain tumour suspect should have MRI in first place if patient can afford, otherwise NCCT and… Continue

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Climate is hoter ?

If you read this article that means you are interested in the topic, right? So I suggest that you already know something about the climate change. How dangerous could it be? There are different meanings of course. A large group of people think that it is all about business with energy efficient stuff and carbon emissions and there is nothing to be scared of. Well, it is some truth in there.…


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EUMINAfab links leading institutions in research and industry.

EUMINAfab – Europe’s First Virtual Infrastructure Facility in Micro- and Nanotechnologies Is Ready for Use

EUMINAfab offers open access to machines and know-how in micro- and nanotechnologies for users from science and industry. Today, this European infrastructure facility coordinated by KIT is starting operation: Ten leading institutions from research… Continue

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Why less than half of total neurosurgeons in govt jobs should only be responsible for neurotrauma patients in Delhi?

There are hospitals in Delhi who are awarding MCh neurosurgery degree but are not taking head injury patients and other neurosurgical emergencies. Is Medical Council of India not responsible for this mess. How this degree is equivalent to MCh awarded by AIIMS and PGI. Similarily SGPGI, SCIMT, and other centres where 50% work is not neurotrauma should be immediately stopped. How the faculty from these places can teach neurotrauma when they are not practicing it and how they can become examiners?… Continue

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Doctor Yeti Weighs in on the Slicing of H.M.'s Brain

The slicing of H.M.'s brain has come to pass. What a great way to share neuroscience with the world!

Almost everyone I told about this event was super interested, including my family and non-academic friends.

But still, I couldn't help but wonder what local advice columnist *slash* mythical creature Doctor Yeti (pictured below) had to say about the momentous… Continue

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Exploring H.M.'s brain, one 70 micron slice at a time

Something historic in neuroscience is happening right now. Researchers are slicing the brain of the most famous amnesic patient "H. M." live and viewable through a webcam.

A detailed description can be found at the Sign On San Diego… Continue

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