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[Submission deadline] - Call for Papers

Call for Papers:

  • Robots,
  • Virtual Reality and
  • Brain-Computer Interfaces

in Telepresence

Submission deadline: May 1,2013

Submission guidlines:

Please send documents in .pdf form to Email attachments are

preferred. Include contact information for the…


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cortiQ - rapid functional mapping of the cortex using the electrocorticogram (ECoG)

g.tec developed a system for rapid functional mapping of the cortex using the electrocorticogram (ECoG).

The system generates a personalized functional map of the cerebral cortex and can be operated

at the patient's bedside. It easily integrates with your existing clinical monitoring system and

uses a brain-mapping system that works in real-time.

The system

  • optimizes surgical procedures and
  • minimizes the burden and the risk for the patient as well…

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[Deadline extension] BCI Award 2013

BCI Award deadline extension: New submission deadline is April 13, 2013

Submit a 2 page description of your work NOW.

Read more:

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CYP2D6 enzyme/allele test by the Roche Amplichip


The P450 cytochrome CYP2D6 enzyme is commonly used for metabolizing common psychotropic drugs. To understand the dynamics of this and other enzymes, clinicians have the Roche Amplichip as a tool. It had been approved by the FDA in 2004. See the two articles:…


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BCI Award: Submission Deadline is March, 30th 2013

The submission deadline for the BCI Award 2013 comes closer - it is March, 30th 2013! Submit your 2 page description now and win the prize!

The International Annual BCI Award, endowed with 3,000 USD, is one of the top accolades in BCI research. The Award was created to recognize outstanding and innovative research in the field of Brain-Computer Interfaces. The Award is open to any brain-computer interface research worldwide and an international jury of top BCI researchers…


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"A machine which can read your mind"

Euronews shows new developments from g.tec, especially technology developed within the European research project BrainAble.

Check it ou!

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Links to my old posts on various neuroscience topics

I have a blog on Wordpress about various neuroscience topics like chaos, modeling, and even why I love computational neuroscience. These are some of my former posts:


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Springer Neuroscience Articles With Impact: live broadcast

In case you missed the live broadcast of the end of our December countdown - Articles with Impact: our #Neurostars winners!

Have a look and let us know if you have any…

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Dear all,

We are pleased to announce that The 12th Neuroanatomy and Tractography workshop will be held in London between the 8-10th February 2013 at the Gordon Museum in London. This workshop helps scientists to develop and optimise strategies for DTI datasets acquisition, analysis, tractography as well as advanced spherical deconvolution tractography. 

The number of participants is very limited for personal 1:1 tutoring. 

The participants will be able to work on their…


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Brain-Computer Interface for stroke rehabilitation

g.tec performed initial tests with robotic feedback. A motor imagery based Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) is presented that is linked to a rehebilitation robot.

The BCI system is used to measure the activation of the sensorimotor cortex to control external supporting robotic devices such as exoskeletons or orthotic devices. The robotic device has the purpose to move the limbs of the patient and this activates again the sensorimotor cortex. The activation can be seen as ERD/ERS changes…


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Springer Neuroscience Articles With Impact: Welcome to NeuroStars!

The Springer Neuroscience December countdown has begun!

We offer you an overview of the top cited articles and the most widely discussed articles in the social web from our Neurosciences journals: The NeuroStars!

Explore the depth of our…


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Tactile P300 communication

A tactile P300 communication tool was developed and tested on a group of twelve healthy users.


Read more:

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BCI Research Award 2013 - Submission open!

Send your 2-page description to !!!

The 2013 jury is:

   -Theresa Vaughan (chair of the jury 2013),

   -Douglas Weber,

   -Adam Hebb,

Donatella Mattia,

   -Andrzej Cichocki,

   -Adam Wilson,

   -Surjo Soekadar (winner 2012)

More information:…

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Our Mission

This year the International School of Clinical Neuroanatomy aims to provide a broad platform to clinical neuroscientists interested in the neuroanatomy of the limbic system. We intend to capitalise on animal…


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First Hyperscanning BCI experiment

A Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) is an interface between the human brain and a computer. It allows to control a computer and according to this any other device withouth manual interaction! You just use your thoughts instead of mouse and keyboard.Therefore the user’s brainwaves (EEG – Electroencephalogram) are measured and processed in real-time.

The g.tec Brain-Computer Interfaces work very well for a single person. As if that were not enough, g.tec went one step further and…


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My new book, "Contradictions between Neuroscience and Religion".

I am very happy that "Contradictions" was exhibited in the Springer booth during the Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in New Orleans.  The book shows that the brain itself accounts for all what we are, and that it is not necessary to postulate, like Descartes did the existence of the soul or any other supernatural substances.  The down side is that at our death, we will be back at the same state in which we were before we were born.  The show will be over!

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Interventional Neurology

Dear All,

I am an Egyptian Nurologist with great interest in Interventional Neurology .

I want ask if you have any data about any fellowship Programs or trianing Programs of Interventional Neurology to get it as a subspeciality .

Thank you

Dr/Sherif M. Ali (MD)

Ain Shams University


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