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BCI Award 2013 - Nominees

We are proud to announce the 10 nominated projects for the BCI Award 2013!

This year, 169 top-level research projects were submitted from all over the world!

The jury, chaired by Theresa Vaughan, carefully scores 10 nominated projects, and then selects the winner for the Annual BCI Research Award 2013.

Have a look:…


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Tactile P300 communication

A tactile P300 communication tool was developed and tested on a group of twelve healthy users.


Read more:

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Labor plans for BCI/ECoG and EP available...

Specifc components (hardware and software) are needed for different fields of research. There are now three plans available which show the recommended setup for:

#Brain-Computer Interface research

#ECoG experiments

#Evoked Potential experiments

The plans give a great overview of how to equip your lab and they also show how you can use the hard- and software from gtec.

You can see which components are needed, how they are connected and how to arrange the…


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Wolpaw BCI book for free!

If you buy a g.HIamp from g.tec you will get the Wolpaw book for free:

Brain-Computer Interfaces: Principles and Practice

Edited by: Jonathan R. Wolpaw, Elizabeth Winter Wolpaw

ISBN: 978-0-195-38885-5

Publisher: Oxford Univ Pr.

Publication Date: 1. Edition, January 24, 2012 …


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Doctor Yeti Weighs in on the Slicing of H.M.'s Brain

The slicing of H.M.'s brain has come to pass. What a great way to share neuroscience with the world!

Almost everyone I told about this event was super interested, including my family and non-academic friends.

But still, I couldn't help but wonder what local advice columnist *slash* mythical creature Doctor Yeti (pictured below) had to say about the momentous… Continue

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Exploring H.M.'s brain, one 70 micron slice at a time

Something historic in neuroscience is happening right now. Researchers are slicing the brain of the most famous amnesic patient "H. M." live and viewable through a webcam.

A detailed description can be found at the Sign On San Diego… Continue

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Fatigue in Neck Muscles & Trapezius Activity During Rest

The velocity recovery function in sternocleidomastoid muscle fibers and its dependence on fatigue- 179.22

My poster presentation was during Sunday morning's session. I don't typically stray very far from my own poser during the time it is up but I was able to review the work of a few posters in my area. Immediately next to me was a poster by Dr. Deborah Falla. Dr. Falla sought to investigate how muscle fatigue would alter the velocity recovery function of sternocleidomastoid… Continue

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Magic, the Brain, and the Mind - Synopsis

Presidential Welcome

This Dialogue began with a welcome to the conference by the President of SfN, Tom Carew. Highlights of this years' conference made by Tom include:

- First time held in Chicago

- 29,009 attendees as of this morning

- 40,000 members of the society as of last week

- 500 of the original 1,100 charter members… Continue

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Magic, the Brain, and the Mind

Well I got to the convention center this morning to discovered why I have nothing in my itinerary planner for this morning, nothing is happening yet!

I am set up in the special lecture area waiting for the Dialogues Between Neuroscience and Society to begin at 11 am.

My favorite twitter comment on this event is "I wonder if there will be an interlude of magic by Penn and Teller"!

A report is soon to follow :… Continue

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