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Brain-Computer Interface for stroke rehabilitation

g.tec performed initial tests with robotic feedback. A motor imagery based Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) is presented that is linked to a rehebilitation robot.

The BCI system is used to measure the activation of the sensorimotor cortex to control external supporting robotic devices such as exoskeletons or orthotic devices. The robotic device has the purpose to move the limbs of the patient and this activates again the sensorimotor cortex. The activation can be seen as ERD/ERS changes…


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Hot off the Press - Week of May 10

Papers that entered my library during the Week of May 10:

Elbasiouny et al. Persistent inward currents in spinal motoneurons: Important for normal function but potentially harmful after spinal cord injury and in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Clinical neurophysiology (2010)

Engelhardt et al.…

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Hot off the Press - Week of May 3

It just dawned on me this morning that I add a lot of literature to my library of PDFs in a given week.

Often, I have colleagues sending me "new" papers that I already have in my library. So I figured it might be a good exercise for myself and others in my field to review the papers I have uncovered and if time permits, give some comments on why the papers were interesting enough to make it into my…

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Up close and personal with a fine wire electrode.

Essentially, the technique employed by neurophysiologists to recorded motor unit activity has remained unchanged since the 1920s.

A fine wire is placed in a hypodermic needle, which is placed inside the skeletal muscle of the volunteer (Fig. 13 from Adrian & Bronk, 1929, J Physiol). The small size of the fine wire offers a small recording volume, which is necessary to isolate the muscle…

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