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Neural basis of stuttering

The neural basis of stuttering has to do with the integration of auditory information with speech-production commands. Previous studies show that stutterers’ produce a weaker-than-normal compensatory response while processing auditory feedback during speech. In this study they manipulated auditory feedback in order to see if weak compensatory responses are due to problems hearing feedback or using feedback. What they found is that stutterers’…

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The bell jar

Conscious experience is a bell jar shaped by historical and environmental forces. What we call ‘ordinary experience’ is fashioned by exposure during early childhood and a sensory-network that has evolved over eons of earthly habitation. Recent findings published in the journal Proceeding of the Academy of Sciences help support my bell jar theory. They show that the sensory world is tuned by exposure early in life. Children growing up in cultures…

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Calculating minds

Success at math is often more about focusing attention and screening distractions (caused by threat and anxiety) ..than it is about activating areas of the brain actually involved with math calculation. Sian Beilock (University of Chicago) reports:

 “We used functional magnetic resonance imaging to separate anticipatory neural activity from what’s occurring while performing math. Increased activity in…


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anti anxiety

“With the ideal comes the actual 
like two arrows in mid-air ..they meet” ~ Sandokai 

What does this have to say about stress and anxiety ..? The odds of events meeting our ideals are about as likely as two arrows meeting in mid-air. At the local-level, what we think people should do or say is an ideal ..what follows is the actual. Like arrows in mid-air, they seldom meet. At the…

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Neural basis of PTSD

Anxiety is a conditioned emotional response. First it focuses attention, and then it clamps the brain into rigidity by obsessively replaying past traumas [link].

Coming of age in a combat zone is bound to leave a deep impact on the tissues of the mind. I know that early experience with driving, while…


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