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Dear Sir/Madame,
Hello! I would like to bring to your kind attention to our previous correspondence regarding an International Interdisciplinary research design wherein we try to minimize the bias of zones of time, geography and culture to a minimum and evolve a general consensus on the basic principles underlying Neural Dynamics. Recently, I had gone to the European Federation of Neurological Societies (EFNS) Congress 2009 scheduled from September 12 to 15, 2009 at Florence, Italy to present our work on “Chaotic Neural Dynamics as evinced from scalp electroencephalography (EEG)”, which incidentally has been published as an abstract in the European Journal of Neurology.
We wish to further our work on Biological Signal Processing (BSP) and Neural Dynamics, and would like to collaborate in a phased manner.
1. In the first phase, we could exchange our data on memory, psychological profile and EEG signals in healthy subjects
a. The sub-stage of the first phase would deal with algorithm designing and modeling of EEG signals of subjects from across borders
2. The second phase would be dedicated to various disease states, wherein an effort would be made to model EEG signals specific to the pathological states.
At Florence, Italy, we could form a tie up University of Rome wherein their Memory Tool would be customized and validated in Indian conditions and it would indeed be great if the tool (or other tool which can withstand the stresses of zones of time, geography and cultures) gets validated across cultures, giving in the end a tool which is valid across the globe.
I am trying to bring in centers from all corners of the globe and will very much appreciate if we can come together and work for the common cause of unfurling the mystics of Neural Mechanisms. Thank you.
Amitabh Dube, M.D.

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